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Friday, April 27, 2012

le moderniste - suck my beat by le moderniste

the brand new 14 track release of the excellent belgian artist LE MODERNISTE is built around the relationship between human flesh and machine. To illustrate this carnal connection, enigmatic samples are interconnected with the repetitive and bone shaking beats of this corrosive rhythmic noise explosion. the hypnotic flow of this fresh"oldschool" mixture will kill your mind and of course, the fluffy legs of the dancefloor guerilla. This 50 minute rhythmic-noise carnage is rough, harsh, bitter, suggestive and in it's prurient simplicity, MERCILESS! "Suck my beat", and the only possible answer is... "yes, sir. i will!".

Refractured Conditioning by BOY+GIRL

The final BOY+GIRL release will electrocute you with its abrupt harsh rhythmic noise. B+G's unique take on trash experimentalism has been a welcome addition to the roster, and with "Refractured Conditioning" he bids the project adieu. Grinding layers of feedback, screaming and chaos leave you unsafe at the equivalent edge of an active digital volcano.

[Haus Arafna] - He Colored Me Blind

Kim Cascone - rotational beacon

Controlled Bleeding - The Poisoner (Part One)