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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Villainous: Live Recordings 2009-2011 by darph/nadeR

With 2012 marking 13 years of darph/nadeR recording and live action, this is their first fully available live collection. Focusing on the time period 2009-2011, this collection showcases the varied approaches and improvisational disasters that will always be what darph/nadeR is all about. Track 1 live at Lelong Gelato, Portland, OR. Track 2 live at Eugene Noisefest 2009, Eugene, OR. Track 3 live at 5lowershop, San Francisco, CA. Track 4 live at Hall of Flowers, Santa Rosa, CA. Track 5 live at the Lab, San Francisco, CA. Track 6 live at BLEAKHAUS, San Francisco, CA. Track 7 live at BLEAKHAUS, San Francisco, CA. Track 8 live at 1st Church of the Buzzard, Oakland, CA. Track 9 live at Hazmat, Oakland, CA.

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