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Wednesday, April 11, 2012


In Flagranti – Alemande (Codek Records) OS OVNI – FLASH OF (Robot Elephant Records) Death In Plains – Air Max (AMDISCS) BRUXA – VAI >Victumeyes (MISHKA/Sweating Tapes) PARTY TRASH – CANT LET GO (MARIAH CAREY COVER) Talking Heads – Sax and Violins >Until the End of the World Soundtrack UV PØP – No Songs Tomorrow >No Songs Tomorrow (Mannequin Records) Memory Ghost - Untogether and Bound I†† – B∆M >B∆M (Aural Sects) modern witch – light speed (signs torture remix) Skinny Puppy – A.M. / Meat Flavour >Back And Forth Series 2 (Nettwerk) Tennis Rodman – THE FUTURE I$ NOW!! >THE FUTURE IS NOW EP (Post-Religion) CRIM3S – BREED (Mascara Remix) (BLACK BVS RECORDS) resting cell – Kariocincta >Resting Cell C.A.N.S – Different Eyes To See The Same Things Os Ovni – All In The Moon (VALIS Remix) (Robot Elephant Records) janitor of lunacy – THE RED MOON >Crimes on the Dancefloor (Mannequin Records) VI₣ – Benny flatbush zombies – S.C.O.S.A. Feel Flesh – slut lust ft. Future Bones (demo) Mr.Kitty – Night Terror >ETERNITY Diamond Black Hearted Boy – damaged mecha walking through the outskirts of neo-dubai (its dark and hell is hot) Sacred Star – Evil Nation >Theremin Ulcer #BRUTALISM/#SLUT WAVE/#SPACERAVE (ESCC9) SKELETONKIDS – Colony >Brother Island (Baku Shad-do) Public Image Limited – Rise >Album Material + William S. Burroughs – Deliver >Seven Souls MING MING – Skidmark Susan >TOTAL BUMMERFEST COMP (Lefse Records) High Park – Orchard (Beko) Church of Synth – Im Reich des Himmels >Tarot Chords Fostercare – Trans-Sensory (Robot Elephant Records) Children´s drugstore – Death of your teenage years Burial – Loner >Kindred EP VI₣ – Church! Policy! Religion! Monolog X – the_shape_of_x_to_come >THE SHAPE OF X TO COME (SWISHCOTHEQUE) Yoursck – In Between (A Thousand Vows Remix) >I RMX U White Car – When >EVERYDAY GRACE (Hippos In Tanks) Zebra Katz – Ima Read feat. Njena Reddd Foxxx >Ima Read Attaque – Shadows >When Light Falls (BAD LIFE) Captain Flash – Alpha Bass (autoKratz Bad Life Remix) signs – heart attack >dreamless sleep People Get Real – Herbie Goes Bananas >Herbie Goes Bananas EP (Days of Being Wild) High Park – Kara >High Park & zxz (Aural Sects)

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