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Monday, April 2, 2012


Thank you to the following artists that contributed beautiful unreleased tracks to this compilation: alphabets [Los Angeles, CA : DTF/Forthcoming on STYLSS] Bleep Bloop [CA : 710 ЯE₵ORƉS] Bonerock [Portland, OR : Dropping Gems] cestladore [Eugene, OR : STYLSS] Dead Fetus [OR : Forthcoming on STYLSS] ¡El Cucuy! [Portland, OR : FUEGO] ELOS [Los Angeles, CA : Alpha Pup Records] Elusive [Los Angeles, CA : artsandcrafts] Goroe [Yambol, Bulgaria] Great Dane [Los Angeles, CA] KidLogic [Portland, OR : Supernormous] Kidkanevil [London, UK] Kiyani [Lancashire, UK : Forthcoming on STYLSS] Lazloh [Los Angeles, CA : Forthcoming on STYLSS] Loon [Lake Elsinore, CA : Made in Glitch] Lost MidAs x NüTrik [Los Angeles, CA] Mastah Syphe [San Diego, CA : Forthcoming on Liquid Geometry] Mike T. [Los Angeles, CA : Forthcoming on STYLSS] mezzo [Santa Ana, CA] mysterycave [San Diego, CA : KILL QUANTI] Nick Logistik [Queens, NY : Trillion/Forthcoming on STYLSS] nobi_4 [Athens, Greece : Forthcoming on STYLSS] NO EYES [Atlanta, GA] phedeee [San Francisco, CA : Forthcoming on STYLSS] Photon! - NIKKO [Portland, OR : Forthcoming on STYLSS] Poor Sport [Fresno, CA] QUARRY [Portland, OR : STYLSS] Raadsel [Heerlen, Netherlands : SATURATE!RECORDS] raox [Bucharest, Romania] Sleeve [San Diego, CA : Forthcoming on Liquid Geometry] Subp Yao [Heerlen, Netherlands : SATURATE!RECORDS] Swarvy [Philadelphia, PA] Was Legit [Orlando, FL : Laughing Samurai/Forthcoming on STYLSS] WD4D [Seattle, WA : Stop Biting] Zack Sekoff [Los Angeles, CA : Stussy]

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