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Saturday, April 14, 2012

MPC Beat Tape (Circa.2004) by John Robinson

I remember the day crystal clear... It was a summer day in July 04' and I was visiting Atlanta on business from Los Angeles where I was residing at the time. I was working in Upstairs Studios w/ DOOM putting the finishing touches on our collaboration record "Who is This Man?" w/ Engineer Morgan Garcia...Taking a Break I decided to go to Guitar Center to grab some new Head Phones and some other miscellaneous items. Long Story short I bought the MPC 1000 during that trip and fell in love with the fact that it was sooo portable at the time... Back at the lab our mission was accomplished, The Who is this Man? LP was completed and I was headed back to Sunny Los Angeles with a new Gadget to break in... This is the J.R. MPC Beat Tape Circa.2004 which are some of the first Beats I made when I first got back home to LA. Hope you all Enjoy... Thanks for listening... J.R.

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