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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Light Ep by Fantastikclick & Sport G

Parisian beatmaker Sport G first caught our attention when we heard an earlier track of his entitled "Conversation Jazz" and were immediately hooked. Couch-surfing, space noddin' electronica that drew from various influences, we knew it was essential to have him release an Ep for us. 'LIGHT' is a search for the presence and absence of gravity. That was the main concept that drove Sport g in his first EP for Darker Than Wax. Coming from a hip-hop background, his roots are highly visible in every single track. But by no means is that limiting, as he shows in each track an uncanny ability to build beats innovatively, with a precise yet spontaneous way of layering his signature synth-lines. A kind of 'symphonic beat wave form' as the man calls it. The EP is nothing short of pleasant surprises along its entire journey, and it's guaranteed to work either on the couch or dancefloors!

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