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Sunday, April 1, 2012

BLOODYMINDED - Boston 2009

Originally released on CD in a limited edition of 100 copies to coincide with BLOODYMINDED's appearance at the Heavy Focus Festival III, April 24, 2010, in Minneapolis, MN. This release features a recording of the band's set from the Northeast Noise & Power Electronics Festival II, recorded live to MiniDisc on November 7, 2009, at O'Brien's Pub in Allston, MA. For that special show, the band played their debut CD Trophy in its entirety, minus the song Overdrive. The recording is presented as one continuous track, comprised of the following songs: In The Mood/Over Before You Know It/Lake Street/Spread/Cost/Constriction/Knife/Down/Mantra/Rise/Perform/Hot/Crawl/Porn Lords/Cro-bar/Inside/Trophy/Chinatown/Muscle/Skin/Thigh/Lick/Brass Pole/Tears/Finger/Hand/Void/Her God/In-Back/Blind/Waste/Flesh/Cream/Wild Dogs/Wire/Slick/Spit/Wet/Make/Boost/Hair/All/Shape/Pulse/Sustain/Boy creditsreleased 23 April 2010 BLOODYMINDED: Xavier Laradji: Synth, Vocals James Moy: Synth, Mix, Vocals Pieter Schoolwerth: Synth Mark Solotroff: Vocals

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