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Sunday, April 1, 2012

BLOODYMINDED - Boston 2008

Originally released on CD in a limited edition of 100 copies to coincide with BLOODYMINDED's appearance at the Northeast Noise & Power Electronics Festival II, November 7, 2009, in Boston, Massachusetts. This release features the band's set from the 2008 edition of the festival, recorded live to MiniDisc on March 14, 2008, at Jacque's Cabaret, Boston, Massachusetts. The recording is presented as one continuous track, comprised of the following songs: Lake Street/Angel Of Darkness/Mind The Gap/Girlfriend Attempts To Explain Schizophrenic Episode By Revealing Childhood Sexual Abuse/As If/Outside The Gate/Shivery/Two Drops Of Blood/Circular Relations/Chinatown/Head/Visiting An Ex-Girlfriend In The Hospital – Aids Ward/Within The Walls/A Song For Lisanne, A Young Model/Ten Suicides/(Encore) Cost creditsreleased 07 November 2009 BLOODYMINDED: James Moy: Synth, Mix, Vocals Pieter Schoolwerth: Synth Mark Solotroff: Vocals

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