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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Before the pigsty - premixed and unmastered

These are the unmastered and pre-mixed tracks featured on the Memories from the pigsty CD released by TESCO (www.tesco-germany.com) in 2008. This is how the CD sounded before getting to know Lou Chano, a meeting that led to the intense mastering sessions at Quadraro Basement (www.quadrarobasement.com), with Lou (www.myspace.com/louchano), Fuzzy and Rough. Some of these tracks sound pretty different than the final result and have been used as background for the live actions. This digital album features the first draft of the cover. creditsreleased 08 October 2008 In these tracks, all sounds by Marco Deplano & John Murphy. Additional sounds by Death Pact International, Foresta Di Ferro, Thee Grey Wolves.

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