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Sunday, April 22, 2012

20 Minutes of SHIT! (Demo) by SHIT!
So we sat down to write a really dirty, rockin' grindcore album. The amp I was playing through sounded like total dogshit and a "suitable" tone couldn't be achieved, so we decided to "be an Anal Cunt tribute band that doesn't play Anal Cunt songs." This is the result... dug out of a jizz-crusted shoebox somewhere, available here for your listening enjoyment. (All tracks were completely improvised, written and recorded on the spot in one take, with little-to-no editing/mastering whatsoever. That should explain a lot.) --W.L. creditsreleased 01 June 2008 H.R. Shitfreak- Drums, Vocals Walt Liquor- Guitar, Vocals Guest vocals on "KoRn In My Cornhole" by Pigbastard.

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