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Friday, April 27, 2012

le moderniste - suck my beat by le moderniste

the brand new 14 track release of the excellent belgian artist LE MODERNISTE is built around the relationship between human flesh and machine. To illustrate this carnal connection, enigmatic samples are interconnected with the repetitive and bone shaking beats of this corrosive rhythmic noise explosion. the hypnotic flow of this fresh"oldschool" mixture will kill your mind and of course, the fluffy legs of the dancefloor guerilla. This 50 minute rhythmic-noise carnage is rough, harsh, bitter, suggestive and in it's prurient simplicity, MERCILESS! "Suck my beat", and the only possible answer is... "yes, sir. i will!".

Refractured Conditioning by BOY+GIRL

The final BOY+GIRL release will electrocute you with its abrupt harsh rhythmic noise. B+G's unique take on trash experimentalism has been a welcome addition to the roster, and with "Refractured Conditioning" he bids the project adieu. Grinding layers of feedback, screaming and chaos leave you unsafe at the equivalent edge of an active digital volcano.

[Haus Arafna] - He Colored Me Blind

Kim Cascone - rotational beacon

Controlled Bleeding - The Poisoner (Part One)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Futexture - The Science of How Things Unfold

7777777UN30 mix

Prince Jean- The Quest Of The Holy Essence Of Something VΞRACOM- \\S U N K \\ Com Truise- Datebar (Dadaisme edit) Tales From The Earth, And Beyond (PREVIEW), by Magnétophonique bittertv- mirage island HD-ROM (DEMO) StarFighta- Galaxy Invader Shai by WILDTHINGS Bijou- Marine (snippet) MIDNIGHT RUNNERS- Need to Love Lopato- Palm Lines Luke Wyatt- Hover (for para) b0dyg0d- BG/AVS/#15 alphabets- #treepunk DYNOOO- Emotionzz Bodyboat- เรียบเรียง Motëm- PSYCHOS ChEeSeBuRgEr TiMe (intro) by BLOWN SC49- Erotic E180 friends by bluezr MIMICS- Perfect Impres$ion ‎Sand Circles- Daylight Arrival, excerpt Panabrite : Camembert Symphony VΞRACOM- \\S U N K \\

Divine Interface-Fool Me Pt 2

2012 step spirit guide v/a

Tracklist: Douster - Journey to the Tethys Sea Missy Elliott - Lose Control Rizzla - Badmind Ha Jose Larralde - Quimey Neuquen (Chancha Via Circuito Remix) Senor Coconut - Sweet Dreams Dawn Penn - Samfi Boy R Kelly - Slow Wind (Tonka Belly Remix) ⍃⍄ ⍃⍄ ⍃⍄ ⍃⍄ ⍃⍄ ⍃⍄ ⍃⍄ ⍃⍄ ⍃⍄ ⍃⍄ ⍃⍄ 2012step mix should make your being feel great in it's entirety, music makes you loose control... Spirit Guide debut EP coming this summer! ⍃⍄ ⍃⍄ ⍃⍄ ⍃⍄ ⍃⍄ ⍃⍄ ⍃⍄ ⍃⍄ ⍃⍄ ⍃⍄ ⍃⍄ XOXOXO ▒▓▒▓▒▓

plagio a.k.a. plagiarismisart

this is another old track, released in my first demo in 2000. It's a cover of the most famous Kraftwerk song and it was made with a ms-dos tracker and an old voice synthetizer (with my own lyrics in spanish, nothing to do with the fabulous originals in german and english).

Zyprex 500 by Plaster

Zyprex is a medicine, also considered a drug, that is used to control schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. We associate the effects of Zyprex with constant dualism and translation of the human with software and hi-tech machines. Now humans have to be careful about the fact that we totally depend on machines, billions of files saved in servers, ultra hard drives, where we put all our life, social networks where we put all our information. The question is - what are we, humans or machines? Most people spend 6/8 or 10 hours in front of social networks, chatting with friends, sharing pictures and so on. No one can say that this is bad, but we are going to lose all real life connections, the sensations of life. The fact that no one, mostly if you met recently, says... “i care about you”... This is the fear that we have because there's no computer screen between real persons, but we put something more than a simple screen. An imaginary wall built of rock, circuits, meta rejected and quantum distances. We're now very close, but at the same time too far away. We slowly start to translate this aspect on Zyprex 500. Xenos begins with the organic parts of the human, and the saxophone is it's voice. Evolving. The music arrives to a breakpoint where the machines begin to communicate with the human psyche, in a specific way. In Metrexes human and machines, grown together, involved in a speech composed by questions and answers, where both of them are right and wrong at the same time, but after Metrexes, something happens. Machines start to have control of the human's brain and this powerful block of circuits and gamma connections are "impersonated" by Exoplasm, where total control can't give the possibility to the voice to say anything. The situation is a "bit" hard for the human, and under Kabul there's a reflection of the digital self where even if is under the machine's control, the human is trying to speak, losing itself on Degrex in a state of complete abyss, preparing for the final rush, where in Program Q_nex there is the direct dialog between human and machines, and the final word probably could save humans... creditsreleased 29 March 2011 All tracks composed and engineered by Plaster, [Except Kabul (prmx) composed by Ivo Papadopolus and Remixed by Plaster]. Additional drum programming on Exoplasm by Cortical Sistematix. Sax Alto and Soprano on Xenos by Ivo Papadopolus. Sax Soprano and Shruti Box on Kabul (prmx) by Ivo Papadopolus. Additional samples used: Flute on Xenos is sampled from an old tape record from Luca Spagnoletti. Sax and Flutes on Metrexes are sampled and recostructed via audio software from Balaban (Hossein Hamidi). Mixed at Plasteroom studio. Mastered by Luca Spagnoletti at Pump Up Studio.