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Friday, March 2, 2012

Parasomnia. Rmxs by Cream Child

When the opposite connects, when the music reflects the sounds of your strange dreams, when you are ready to give everything to wake up…but you can’t. And more deep you plunge into the depths of your nightmares - the more you hear the vibes that no one else could hear…The soundtrack of this is in front of you. The soundtrack of the mystic world of Parasomnia (where you have been before), your personal sleep disorders. For reconstructing all the possible places from your dreams we brought together 15 producers from all around the world, from Tokyo to Lisbon, with the most experimental and eclectic sound, just like avant-garde production of Cream Child. Press play and instead of calming you will feel that your breathing will become frequent, you heart will beat faster and the mind will realize that you're already there...Have a nice trip…

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