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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

ayankoko!!!0aji drey mud

Laos- born, French- adopted David Vilayleck, a young musician with a very personal style offering a multicolured solo project which embraces jazz, electronics and noise music, Blues, traditional sound forms, techno, rock (in its least obliging sense), audio and video montages and all other artistic forms that happen to estimulate this artist´s grey matter…David only uses a guitar, a bass and a laptop to create an hallucinatory curtain of sounds in which Aphex Twin’s obscure ambient meets Schaeffer and Pierre Henry’s musique concrete. In his musical approach, he develops either minimal slow tension, restless harmonic, repetitive forms or placing spatial elements in a significative density of sound. http://www.archive.org/compress/amp016
Re-issue of impossible to find 1990 demo from NYC power electronics legends. FINAL SOLUTION created some of the most raw and intense power electronics ever. They could be compared to "Great White Death" era WHITEHOUSE, but they really emit a hard New York ugliness that only an American-born group could bring. creditsreleased 01 September 1990 E.J. Vodka - vocals Greg Scott - electronics Chris Yustanach - electronics

Rhinocervs - Odour Of Dust And Rot (2011)


Black Silence - Into The Lightless Depths (2007)


GHOSTRIDER - Vault from Moduli TV on Vimeo.

#fullscreen #worthlesswaste #ineedamoment video

Miquel Parera Jaques[nx010-1] Everything is Void

Six algorithmic/semideterministic iterations of nxH5.

First livecode iteration on: http://www.archive.org/details/nx010


Alinoe - Metodiev-G

Alinoe's dark side, or dark house about Dublin, this time from "bump" side. "I recorded these tracks in 2010, and mastered them in May 2011. I used field recordings, recorded by myself on Dublin streets (from G1 to G5), and my daughter voice (G6 and G7) recorded in Poland, in summer 2010."


Roberto Massoni-error (2008)

tracks list:
02.el paseo en el parque
03.las persianas estan bajas
05.3 dias en septiembre
06.nunca tuvimos fotos



Miquel Parera Jaques[nx010] Now is the Time

I long for a indefinite time in which my attention is focused on only one sound.


Mister Vapor and Various Artists-- Complex Silence 21

A challenge was recently raised by C. Reider of Vuzh Music-- for netlabel artists to be our own archivists. The point being-- if netlabels and netlabel artists do not document our own releases-- it may be that no one will.

The Complex Silence Series has evolved nicely into its second segment, with some darker and some lighter pieces gracing the collection. Drone is an influence in some pieces, with more traditional synth ambience holding sway in others. Some pieces are just-- well-- strange (but good). All, in fact, are good, at least, if not great. And now, Complex Silence 21 documents these 10 releases, in a single mix.

Whether or not you have listened to Complex Silence 11-20, Complex Silence 21 is a must listen, as it combines pieces from each of these releases into a single mix that lasts less than an hour. Lossless files were used when possible in the mix, and great care was taken with transitions, to provide listeners with a consistent experience.

If you like this mix, Thomas of Mister Vapor urges you to continue exploring the fascinating series of releases that is "Complex Silence."

- netwaves is a weekly radio-broadcast, stream, podcast and a free netlabel compilation
- our live broadcast is hosted by Radio Scorpio, the first independent radio in Belgium
- watch the netwaves blog & rss-feed
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playlist beats:

1 Inside The Field - Philipp Weigl ( Thinner / cc:by-nc-nd ) - eurodisco
2 Commodore - Pisu ( Música Vermella Netlabel & BrokenHeads Records / cc:by-nc-sa ) - dubstep
3 Vernunft und Faulheit - Martin.von.der.Rolle ( Prozent Music / cc:by-nc-sa ) - progressive house
4 discogod - electoy ( symbiont-music / cc:by-nc-nd ) - Pop
5 Plastichero - Seamless Plastic ( Deep-X Recordings / cc:by ) - minimal
6 NAT (with kik mix) - Motor ( top-40.org / cc:by-nc-nd ) - slowtech
7 purpledrops - Clarke Cassidy ( Stratospherik / cc:by-nd ) - idm
8 50mann50hz - dapayk solo ( unfoundsound / cc:by-nc-nd ) - minimal
9 battleships - b szczesny ( Brennnessel / cc:by-nc-nd ) - progressive house
10 Want to know why - Kali Frogz ( Sub-machine / cc:by-nc-sa ) - techhouse
11 Keep It Burning - Konnekt ( Bake the Break / cc:by-nc-sa ) - drum & bass
12 Good Brain Fucker - UnoRace ( Zimmerlautstaerke - Zimmer-Records / cc:by-nc-nd ) - Techno
13 FRDM? - Felix and Volcano! ( up your legs forever / cc:by-nc-nd) - Pop
14 Mas Ma Rad (Bad Mojo Remix) - XMRV ( Stroboskop / cc:by ) - electro
15 i've got my cleanest dirty dan - duran durandom ( Beatismurder / - ) - discopunk
16 Ya ya polka - Fernando and the Polekats ( Schwa! Records / cc:by-nc-nd ) - world

playlist bytes:

17 Intro - Enjumi ( Legoego / - ) - spoken word
18 Bothersome (Mother Mix) - Lackluster ( Monotonik / cc:by-nc-nd ) - chill out
19 Die Galaxis - Frank Molder ( 1Bit Wonder / cc:by-nc-sa ) - chill out
20 lethargie - Sichtbeton ( 12rec. / cc:by-nc-nd ) - hip hop/rap
21 Pizzicato Suite (I Like This Pizzicato Suite) - Rasterfahndung ( realaudio / cc:by-nc-nd ) - lounge
22 i just wanted you - Izmar ( Monotonik / cc:by-nc-nd ) - lounge
23 Everywhere is shut - Emil Klotzsch ( One / cc:by-nd ) - Electronic
24 Thirsteen / May - DoF ( Drift Records / cc:by-nc-nd ) - sad electronics
25 Town Hall - Take One - Mossa ( Epsilonlab / cc:by-nc-nd ) - Acid Jazz
26 Are You There? - Sinq ( Monotonik / cc:by-nc-nd ) - sad electronics
27 Arcade Addict - Disrupt ( Jahtari / cc:by-nc-nd ) - Reggae
28 Das Muss Liebe Sein - Elektronova ( Stille Macht Taub! / cc:by-nd ) - chill out
29 Yourmachi - Coova and Bud Melvin ( 8bitpeoples / cc:by-nc-nd ) - Lo-Fi
30 She's sleeping - Ocoeur ( Música Vermella Netlabel / cc:by-nc-sa ) - sad electronics
31 Hypno - forever blowin bubbles - Dr Dub ( LCL (LibreCommeLair) / cc:by-nc-nd ) - World
32 Cailin's Lullaby - Jaymuhsin ( Energostatic / cc:by-nc-nd ) - chill out

Mournful Congregation- The Book of Kings (2011)


Ice Guild Kaiser-Asphalt's parakeet

C.P. McDill: Electric Guitar, EBow, Synth, Field Recordings, Music Boxes, 78rpm Records, Samples, Effects, etc.

"The van had gone and in the spot where its tractor had recently stood, there remained next to the sidewalk a rainbow of oil, with the purple predominant and a plumelike twist. Asphalt's parakeet."

--Vladimir Nabokov, The Gift


AyGeeTee 'LOVEBURN extra' video

Black Veins - Black Veins

01 - Sleep Deprived
02 - Hell And High Water
03 - Vices
04 - Means To a Dead End
05 - The Burden of Failure

Black Veins


Released on Torn Flesh Records, November, 2011

On Twitter @tornfleshrecs


Bhang Khang - 2011 Demo


Tuesday, November 29, 2011


HEY COLOSSUS False Start from Carl Clandestine on Vimeo.

Bagarre - no toys [PHYSICS] remix

Cadillac - High For Me

Vittorio Mazzoni-Acqua

KIKIILIMIKILII - Vazeilles / Official music video by Poussy Draama from Poussy Draama on Vimeo.

GeRMaN ARmY - 'Turkish Bath' - Turkish Bath - 2011

Daytime Television - My Sorrows video

OnNoBeach from AyGeeTee on Vimeo.

DJ Dingo Susi - Ju Jitsu

chrome wings - new lands

Chrome Wings - NEW LANDS from Behind the Walk-in on Vimeo.

THICKLY PAINTED WALLS - Angled House from Moduli TV on Vimeo.

Smersh - Blue Shorts video

Police Academy 6 + Arrete - Color Pattern from Police Academy 6 on Vimeo.

Spiral Index & Digitalis- Xmas Dream





There was a time when extreme music was not a mere shouting exercise, but a VISION, an idea of how to develop the magma of creation.

Hailing from Italy, VISTHIA confirm the innovative attitude and contribution this scene is giving to reawakening the daring attitude that scene seems to have lost.

After so many years of loud madness, can we convey metal and industrial noise experiences into a new synthesis?

A proud metal strength, moving the step from the ancient cults - can it be synthesized by machines?

The will to get past the obsolete clichés of black metal pushed VISTHIA to melt the structures of extreme metal with some passages of dark ambient, death industrial and powernoise, bringing them to the vanguard of a musical genre that is gradually getting its own shape.

Where others merely stopped to investigate, Visthia crossed the Rubicon, passing through the most extreme metal hemispheres to the industrial fields, resulting in a new genre: Black Powernoise.

Moreover the band is one of the few in the World who write their lyrics in ancient Latin.

Told through the Latin tongue, the Occult Tradition becomes untold.
creditsreleased 21 November 2011


Davide (guitars + bass)
Cristian (vocals + lyrics)
Luca (vocals)
Franz (drums & death machineries)

Negative Witch Goddess is the duo of Autumn Zwibel and RJ Myato. This is their first release, available in cassette format from Roup Records. Email rjmyato at gmail dot com for more info.


Oneohtrix Point Never "Child Soldier" from Megazord on Vimeo.

Monday, November 28, 2011

H0N3ST by 3▼3|T3▲

F∀ŞĦIØИ BIZ∀RЯΞ Morocco Eyes

Germs by CRIM3S

Herr-Etic - ███inside███a███burning███girl███ (CWSHD 004)


2011 Remake/Remodel Series.
From Noiseambient site: In 2010,
PBK solicited contributions from several notable young
Asian composers, with the intent of exploring the noise experimentalism going on in Asian countries specifically outside of Japan.

"Asian Noise Collaborations, Volume One" has PBK collaborating with Dickson Dee and Orgasm Denial, both from Hong Kong, and Random Emotionally Deformed from Singapore.
Wide range of ideas here from cinematic soundscape approach to heavy noise and montage techniques with the results both varied and cohesive.

>>> soundcloud.com/pbk/pbk-rand <<< creditsreleased 01 August 2011 Label: noiseambient.com – none Format: Cassette, Limited Edition, 50 Copies Country: US Released: 2011 Reviewed On > Drunken Boat :
- bit.ly/drunken_boat

Reviewed On > Heathen Harvest :
- bit.ly/heathen_harvest
New Vegas by High Park
Mushy - Go Away (Demo) by Mushy.