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Saturday, April 30, 2011

malibu winds -trondheim

Xela & Jefre Cantu-Ledesma - Love Is A Dream (Part II)

Xela & Jefre Cantu-Ledesma - Love Is A Dream (Part II) by _type

With Moths - Bleak Regression

With Moths - Bleak Regression by kimdawn

fennesz & irisarri-live

w/Fennesz by studio irisarri

P-Model - ヘルスエンジェル Heath Angel (1979)

Jefre Cantu-Ledesma: "Shining Skull Breath"

Jefre Cantu-Ledesma: "Shining Skull Breath" by Students of Decay

grouper-experimental halfhour video

Experimental 1/2 Hour - Episode XI: Grouper from Experimental 1/2 Hour on Vimeo.

Gremlynz - Reaper's Blues (Excerpt)

Gremlynz - Reaper's Blues (Excerpt) by William Cody Watson

William Cody Watson-And I Watched The Ivy Cover Your House

And I Watched The Ivy Cover Your House by William Cody Watson

ザ・スターリン The Stalin - Gass (1981)

Dûrcraban - Cette Glace Qui Recouvre Mon Monde

William Cody Watson-Her Tusk Was Adorned With Rose Petals

Her Tusk Was Adorned With Rose Petals by William Cody Watson
Her Tusk Was Adorned With Rose Petals by William Cody Watson

contrepoison-i keep on searching video

Friday, April 29, 2011

Unleash the beast...in man once more (it's boyd rice , fellerskinks.)

Sound Injections-black

drugsfordrunks - Black by Sound Injections

AyGeeTee - 'Soul' - 2011

AyGeeTee - 'Soul' LP - 2011 (AMDD058) by AMDISCS

aygeetee-early colors video

sparkles - saleko


worriedaboutsatan - worriedaboutsatan

slipper - attack of the killer lobsters

Duo Inmortales - Legends of Domination

not original cover art


1 Crazy 03:27
2 Tap on the Shoulder 04:51
3 Guitar Gargled 03:57
4 Base of Maze 03:31
5 Compressed 05:25
6 Sqwishy 03:55
7 Madness 03:32
8 Jazz Sex 04:00
9 Heavy Remix

Fahnlein Fieselschweif: Kinderparty (1981 ) video

Arkhonia : ‘Trails/Traces’ (White Box Recordings, 2010)

DDRhodes [full version] by Arkhonia
WHITEBOX006 - Arkhonia 'FyldeFF' by whitebox

Hibernate/Rural Colours Selection

Track List:

1. Felicia Atkinson – The Driver
2. Elian – Apparitions Part One
3. Arkhonia – Another Dispatch In A world Of Multiple Veils: Smoke
4. Davis/Kleefstra/Kleefstra – Sielesyk
5. Strom Noir – All Tomorrow’s Dreams
6. Dentist – Lost Track
7. Adam Williams – A Year Spent Alone
8. Strië – Lost in between
9. Spheruleus – Submerging
10. Nils Quak – Please Let Me Rest
11 Ed Cooke & Stephen Lewis – St Augustine
12. Damian Valles – The Waves That Destroy
13. Quinn Walker – Decline
14. Clem Leek – A Letter
15. Field Rotation – Shoreline (Adrift, Dreaming)
16. Bengalfuel – Concentrate


stomach_lining_tripe_athens picture

Liondialer : ‘Liondialer – LIVE!’ (White Box Recordings, 2009)

WHITEBOX003 - Liondialer 'Bay Horse' by whitebox



Thursday, April 28, 2011

Story Of Isaac - New Flesh video

S✝△Y △W△Y (S✝ory of Isaac Drag) - Charli Xcx


▲)╪(▼ - Dead of Night video

sON‡C▲Ξx - ▲C† L0UNGE (nirvana cover)

WITCH HOUSE forgo††en vin▼ls - in you

Scissor Girls on Chic A Go Go video

ʄ≜uxmuℭica - HEXANE▼RAIN▼[ESCAPE]▼

citypulse moving images – music by maps and diagrams*

∫∆nw1†cH -burning ple∆∫ure

burning ple∆∫ure by karlsinger

∫∆nw1†cH - †H∑ m∑r∫∑buRg |Nc∆n†∆†|Ωn∫

†H∑ m∑r∫∑buRg |Nc∆n†∆†|Ωn∫
†H∑ m∑r∫∑buRg |Nc∆n†∆†|Ωn∫ by karlsinger

∫∆nw1†cH - burning ple∆∫ure video

Hessien - Descending Out Of The Grey

Hessien usually occurs somewhere between the UK and Australia, somewhere between the hours of 11pm and 6am (Southern Hemisphere) & 9am and 8pm (Northern Hemisphere) Hessien is made up of acoustic noise artist Charles Sage (Australia) and Tim Diagram (UK). They collided through a coincidence and were pleased to note that the collision has produced an EP – ‘Skurjn’, which was released on 29th January.

The musical content is acoustically-challenged, inverted and lo-fi, an amalgamation of tanglible styles, pedal-work and mangled, modern conversions that combine the audible landscapes into one bigger image. Each song has been constructed from live workings and sketches of sound and field recordings, stitched together with fine acoustic thread and broken down into less accessible fragments to be built up again into mutual timings and compositions.


Tobis Lilja – Days Pass Faster
Spinform – Yppersta Utposten
On! Air! Library! – 195
Hessien – Monsoon
Tarantel – When We Almost Killed Ourselves
Library Tapes – VIII
People Press Play – Studio
Tobias Lilja – My Teacher Died
Goddamn Electric Bill – Clouds and A Bee
Maps and Diagrams – T’horbed Earth
Mogwai – Wake Up and Go Berserk
Hessien – Gazed and Pale Reflections
Dictaphone – K2
Opitope – A Quiet Morning Arriving to the Valley
Tunng – Tale from the Black
Zelienople – Little Little Eye-Full
Hessien – Neroli Orange Blossom
Dirac – Bantu

tou and augs-Fake


Bengalore - BNG001


Sound Pressure Level-Psi Side (2006)

Second Release for producer, musician, engineer, wathever, Fabio Pieri.
Produced and realized in a flat's room, in North Rome.
Featuring Fabio Chiantini (Chix, Gruppo Ics) and Massimo Governali (Massimogoverno)
[Roma, Prato - Italia]


Some-Elettrorequiem (2008)


Tropic of Cancer "Be Brave" video

Tropic of Cancer - A Colorvideo

Husband - Slow Motion video

Mater Suspiria Vision - Ritualz of the Crack Witches video

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pacific 231 & Sub S.Ritual - The Dream Doll video

helado negro - regresa video

Helios - Eingya

Helios - Eingya by _typeKeith Kenniff mustn’t sleep at all, after releasing the incredible Goldmund album ‘Corduroy Road’ for Type early in 2005 he was already busy at work crafting his second record as Helios; all this while finishing a degree at the acclaimed Berklee College of Music in Boston. ‘Eingya’ is very different from his work as Goldmund, as it incorporates not only his piano playing, but his delicate touch on guitar, drums and his masterful electronic production. It is an album of wordless songs, eleven carefully measured movements, each holding inside it an entire movie’s worth of emotion.

Beginning the album on a high with the pastural beauty of ‘Bless This Morning Year’ we witness a showcase already of what Kenniff does best; hearbreaking guitar and piano melodies punctuated by crumbling beats and backed by the most atmospheric synthesizer sounds this side of Eno’s ‘Apollo’. Moving on we are treated to the appetising ‘Halving the Compass’ which blends subtle field recording with the kind of piano melodies so beautiful they could be compared to Virginia Astley or Harold Budd. This is followed by the album’s clear highlight – ‘Dragonfly Across an Ancient Land’; an unsurpassable folk guitar piece with a decomposing percussive background and the sort of melodies that would turn evil tyrants into weeping babies. An album which could as easily appeal to fans of Nick Drake as fans of Boards of Canada or even early Air; this truly has something for everyone.

Ryan Teague - “Coins & Crosses”

Ryan Teague - Coins & Crosses by _typeAfter releasing the critically acclaimed ‘Six Preludes’ EP on Type Records in 2005, eyes were looking to young British composer Ryan Teague to see where he would take his sound next. Indeed, he referenced the EP release himself as merely preludes, so he clearly had plans to make an extra special effort for the imminent full length. In doing so he enlisted the help of a full orchestra; the renowned Cambridge Philharmonic with conductor Tim Redmond, as well as harpist Rhodri Davies who is best known for his work with the Cinematic Orchestra. Working with these key elements, Teague had the chance to compose without the limitations usually set on electronic composers and has ended up producing something truly timeless.

Opening with the short introduction piece ‘Introit’ the album quickly gets moves up a gear with the title track ‘Coins and Crosses’, a fabulous representation of Teague’s intense production skill and Rhodri Davies’ peerless harp-work. The result comes across like Alice Coltrane blended seamlessly with Steve Reich and is one of the high points of the record, perfectly realising Teague’s grand vision. On producing the album Teague noted that his primary influences were early sacred music and mysticism, but instead of moving towards the obvious dark mystery associated with these subjects he has interpreted them as moving, emotional and affirmative.

When the album’s centrepiece; the entirely orchestral ‘Fantasia for Strings’ appears at the halfway mark it is impossible not to be floored. A wholeheartedly moving epic which would not sound out of place juxtaposed with the cinematic imagery of Kieslowski or Bergman, this is where Teague’s compositional skills flourish absolutely. Although he is equally at home blending electronic elements with orchestral sounds, ‘Fantasia’ shows he has exactly what it takes to compose competently without the aid of electronics whatsoever.

As the album draws to a satisfying close with the rousing harp-led ‘Rounds’, you realise that you have been taken on a grand voyage. Each track tells a different part of an epic story taking you though waves of passionate energy and emotion, and like all the best films you will want to go through that journey time and time again.

▼▼◯ ▛ ◣▷ T◯▼▛-'ĦØ▼S∑ ؃ ÇØMM∑∏⏇S'

ĦØ▼S∑ ؃ ÇØMM∑∏⏇S by ▼▼◯ ▛ ◣▷ T◯▼▛

Sound Injections-black

drugsfordrunks - Black by Sound Injections

Der Marabu- Heading Nowhere video

Virgo, the virgin of Dobwalls


an amalgamation of many tracks into a textural extension.

this work was declared finalised on 02 January 2003. it is composed of numerous works by edward kelly in a recontextualised format.

this is to some level an imitation of a live performance, where edward kelly would layer up to 3 similar CD's of original material to create new/unique soundscapes.


Tuesday, April 26, 2011



Story of Isaac-NEW YORK S!CK MIX

NEW YORK S!CK MIX by Story of Isaac

Karakasa Music : lofi catalog for streaming

This is our catalog in low fidelity for streaming purposes.

For high quality versions visit http://www.archive.org/details/karakasa-music


Bubblegone - Center

This has been a year of thinking a lot of about the future while trying not to get consumed by those thoughts. I have concerned myself with the unseen world around us like radio waves, the wind, and events that are happening in other places. It is more or less trying to realize the world beyond our own bodies.

Monday, April 25, 2011

okkult night - DJ set at the Nuit Blanche celebrations Sept. 25th in Winnipeg

Intro (Bill Graham/The Grateful Dead)
J. Biebz - Usmileambient (edit)
Boredoms - (Arrow Up)
Cruise Family - Forever A-side (edit)
Jim Collins - Jesus
Happy Dragon Band- 3D Free-electronic
Soft Circle - Stones and Trees
Fushitsusha - Magic II
Construction - Fade Out
QOTSA - 18 A.D.
Chrome - Firebomb
Les Rallizes Denudes - Night Of Assassins


Dark October Night Mixtape

Dark October Night
Shin Joong Hyung & The Donkeys - Shi-Ruh
Thanh Mai - Song Cho Qua Hom Nay
C.A. Quintet - Blow to My Soul
The Cobras - Goodbye
Rotary Connection - Respect
The Fugs - I Want to Know
The Godz - Dirty Windows
Memphis Goons - San Antonio Desert
Peanuts Family - Samba Party
Fugi - I'd Rather be a Blind Man
Captain Beefheart - I'm Glad
Pool-Pah - Winter in April's Eyes
Omega - Idorablo
Leland - Goodbye, My Loneliness
Armand Schaubroeck Steals - I Came To Visit but Decided To Stay
The Jacks - This Road


Art Muscle - No Emulsion

Art muscle by dubditchpicnic

Fletcher Pratt - Dub Sessions

Fletcher Pratt - Backwoods Dub/Serwood Dub edit by dubditchpicnic

eyedoublecross-stand video

taylor trash - '177IXT4P3'

177IXT4P3 by taylor_trash

unison - blood blood blood
detachments feat. salem - sands of time
oberhofer - i could go
john maus - believer
crystal fighters - plage (abbey road debuts recording) - taylor trash drag edit
nike7up - luv u 4ever nike7up no distance remix
fear of tigers - i can make the pain disappear - taylor trash drag edit
the vanishing - lovesick
story of isaac - dancing in slow motion
christian aids - stay positive
balem acab - tellmesomethingawesomebeforeigotosleepremix
crystal castles - violent dreams (lupi remix)

Warmth Terminal: Getting Closer

Warmth Terminal : Getting Closer Sampler by hibernate