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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fiendish Nymph - The Sibyl Of Elikona (1998)

1. The Drowning of Syring
2. The Sibyl of Elikona


Thyrane - Black Harmony (1997)

1. Black Harmony
2. Sacrifices
3. Enthroned By Antichrist
4. Satanic Ages Overture


Necromantia - Vampiric Rituals (1992)

1. Lord Of The Abyss
2. The Feast Of Ghouls
3. Evil Prayers
4. Lycanthropia
5. De Magia Veterum
6. Faceless Gods
7. La Mort


Crépuscule (Fra) - Dying Day (EP 1998)

1. Our First Crepuscule 01:56
2. Universe 05:16
3. The Dream Of Galedryar 04:08
4. Sultan Of Desert 05:21
5. Between Heaven And Hell 05:55
Total playing time 22:36


Spring '03 Sampler

Free cd sampler originally given out two years ago to help promote the label.

1 01_Intro
2 02_Scissor_ShockWaterbeds_Are_Boring
3 03_Athenian_MercuryPunctured_Lung_Silhouette
4 04_ZyzzybalubahBright_Eyed_Girls
5 05_NothingistrueSp0000
6 06_Everybodys_EnemyAll_The_Things_She_Said_PUNK
7 08_Athenian_MercuryPulse_Code_Modulation_Perspective
8 09_Scissor_ShockScissor_Shock_Shuffle
9 10_NothingistrueNoise_And_Harmony
10 11_ZyzzybalubahCool_Cole
11 12_Everybodys_EnemyGoin_Insane
12 13_Disfigured_House_WifeTumor_On_The_Eye_Of_A_Fucktard
13 14_Outro

Chrome - Half Machine Lip Moves

Possibly the highlight of one of the greatest bands in history? Hmm, we'll have to hark on top of the yonders over that one , fellerskinks.


Blazemth - For Centuries Left Behind (1995)

1. Marching Across the Path of Glory
2. It's Suffering Age
3. Kingdome of Black Emperor
4. Majesties of War
5. To the Valley of Winds Master


Cosmic Church - Absoluutin Lävistämä


Dødheimsgard - Monumental Possession 1996

1. Intro 01:27
2. Utopia Running Scarlet 03:23
3. The Crystal Specter 03:50
4. Bluebell Heart 04:16
5. Monumental Possession 05:44
6. Fluency 03:37
7. Angel Death 03:54
8. Lost In Faces 04:56
9. The Ultimate Reflection 06:03
Total playing time 37:10


Thy Serpent - Forests of Witchery 1996

1. Flowers of Witchery Abloom 06:13
2. Of Darkness and Light 04:55
3. A Traveller of Unknown Plains 09:43
4. Only Dust Moves... 07:12
5. Like a Funeral Veil of Melancholy 11:28
6. Wine From Tears 08:48
Total playing time 48:19


Marduk (Swe) - Fuck Me Jesus 1996


Azazel (Fin) - The Night of Satanachia 1996

1. Intro / Medieval Journey 00:37
2. The Glow of Golden Fullmoon 02:17
3. Longing for Dark Winterforest 03:22
4. Succubus Seduce Me 03:57
5. The Night of Satanachia 03:47
6. Outro / Medieval Gathering 02:03
Total playing time 16:03


Black Funeral (USA) - Vukolak

1. Intro - Into the Ballinok Mountains II 03:20
2. Under the Black Caul 04:52
3. Undead Hunger 04:38
4. Impaled Fields 03:38
5. Shades Gather Among the Blood 03:34
6. Sanctum Wamphyri 03:04
7. Vukolak 03:58
8. Wolfskin Essence 02:46
9. The Moonlight Glittered Upon the Snow 03:28
10. Ars Upir Sabati 02:58
11. Ripping Through the Aura 03:20
12. Outro - Mors Omnipotens 02:19
Total playing time 41:55


Xerión - Nocturnal Misantropia

1. Akelarre 02:23
2. Nocturnal Misantropia 06:48
3. Na traza esotérica do ar invisible 06:00
4. Aqueles que nos deixan atrás 05:27
5. No pazo derruido da existencia 06:39
6. No val do silencio 05:14
Total playing time 32:31


Richard H Kirk-Black Jesus Voice

Streetgang (It Really Hurts)
Boom Shala
Black Jesus Voice
Martyrs Of Palestine
This Is The H-Bomb Sound
Short Wave

Felis Catus - Apocatastasis video

Akebonoiz / Akebonoiz (1982)

Label: Dakimyouga Record (Japan)
Catalog#: DAKI-2200
Format: 7" Flexi Disc (EP)

Recorded and Mixed at Our House Studio (Dec.1981)
Released on 2.11.1982


Thunderbolt (Pol) - The Sons of the Darkness

1. Black Clouds Over Dark Majesty 03:54
2. Journey To The Abyss Hatred 06:24
3. The Sons of The Darkness 06:36
4. Spit On His Face 04:06
5. Call From The Ancient Time 04:34
6. Forest of Dying Souls 05:06
7. The Circle of Death 12:51
Total playing time 43:51


Coffin [Box]: Graves video

Private Tapes Vol.3: 3C Tokyo Pack Gig - Live at Bessie Sapporo (1981.8.8)

3C Tokyo Pack Gig - Live at Bessie Sapporo (1981.8.8)
/ Chance Operation

Recorded By min-min (Portable Stereo Cassette Recorder)
at Bessie, Sapporo, Japan

Bass, Vocal - Higo Hiroshi
Guitar, Vocal - Yoshiko
Drums - unknown
Guitar (5.) - Ando from S-KEN

1. 57 Compute
2. Be Stopped Up
3. Interval Deadheat
4. Touch & Go
5. (unknown)
6. Erua Ela
7. Dummy Shout
8. Image Dance

Zipper "Zipper" [1975]


Parfume Jill Jarry - Nevski Twist (Demo 2010)


Lamentos Ancestrales - S/T (2006)


Arkham - "Chapter III - The Madness From The Sea"


Death Side - Wasted Dream


The Return Of The Living Dead-OST

The film tells the story of how three men accompanied by a group of teenage punks deal with the accidental release of a horde of brain hungry zombies onto an unsuspecting town. The film is also known for its soundtrack, which features several noted deathrock and punk rock bands of the era. The film was a critical success and performed moderately well at the box office. It also spawned four sequels.


Brokenkites - Origami Shadows (Soundtrack)

Soundtrack to the pilot episode of Origami Shadows by Brokenkites.

In the pilot episode, The Narrator has commenced searching for his missing girlfriend, leading him to a suspicious meeting with Dr. Evan Partain. Numerous flashbacks reflect moments and conversations that The Narrator had with her as he begins to put the pieces together... and discover that things are missing from his own memories.
For the entire work of metafiction, visit http://origamishadows.com.
1 First Stage Prototype (no vox) 01:38
2 First Stage Prototype (Vocal Test) 01:36
3 From The Darkness 01:53
4 Brokenkites - Islands 01:38
5 Jotun 03:56
6 What If?


Travis Nobles-Red State Soundtrack

the original soundtrack for the indie film 'Red State' directed by Jeremiah Lewis.

the tracks are continuously mixed, so gapless playback is recommended.

to purchase a dvd or view the film, visit http://www.fringeblog.com/redstate/
1 Red State Theme
2 Scotch on the Rocks
3 Infected Neighborhood
4 Noel Attacks
5 Zombie Attack
6 Wren's Death
7 Blue State trailer


Angantyr (Dnk) - Endeløs (1998)

1. Fortidens Gaver
2. Kristendrab
3. Endeløs
4. Nattens Kræfter
5. Da Frostvind blæst


Draconis Infernum ' Death In My Veins' Lp

Black Metal from Singapore.


Noiratasya "The Painting - Old, Ruined, Left Behind" Demo 2004 (Brn)


Fimbul - Ramnens Ferd

Limited to 1000 copies. These are the first and only two demos, ("Vinterland",
and "Det Siste Slaget"), Fimbul recorded in 1995.
1. Vinterland 01:12
2. I De Norske Skoger 05:19
3. Nattevandring 04:44
4. Stillhet...Norge 02:58
5. Doedsmarsj 01:30
6. Det Siste Slaget 08:09
7. I Svartfjellets Grotter 04:32
8. Ramnens Ferd


Abigail (Jpn) - Descending from a Blackend Sky 1993

1. Swing Your Hammer 01:16
2. The Lord of Satan 04:15
3. Mephistopheles 03:54
4. Descending from a Blackend Sky 03:07
5. Count Barbatos 03:38
Total playing time 16:10


Alghazanth - Promo '97

1. Of a Stormgrey Vision 04:47
2. For the Night I'm Craving 05:25
3. Ensnared in Moonshades (Praises Given in Blackness) 04:50
Total playing time 16:27


Cannibal Holocaust OST + Trailer

Cannibal Holocaust is a 1980 Italian horror film directed by Ruggero Deodato from a screenplay by Gianfranco Clerici. Filmed in the Amazon Rainforest and dealing with indigenous tribes, it was cast mostly with United States actors and filmed in English to achieve wider distribution. Francesca Ciardi and Luca Barbareschi were among the leads as native Italian speakers to qualify the film as European for distribution on the Continent.
Cannibal Holocaust achieved notability because its graphic violence aroused a great deal of controversy. After its premiere in Italy, it was seized by a local magistrate, and Deodato was arrested on obscenity charges. He was charged with making a snuff film, due to rumors that some actors were killed on camera. Although Deodato was later cleared, the film was banned in Italy, the UK, Australia, and several other countries due to its graphic depiction of violence, sexual violence, and the slaughter of six animals. Some nations have since revoked the ban, but the film is still barred in several countries. The critic David Carter suggests the film is a commentary about civilized society.


Reality 23 - A Trip Down Memory Lane

Raw recording demos and outtakes 2007-2009. http://www.archive.org/download/hdoe001/hdoe001_vbr_mp3.zip


Electronic dance recordings made in 2010. Material previous issued as two separate releases in 2010 by wAnchor Records.
1 Wax Man 04:01
2 Day One 04:23
3 Sandvich 01:54
4 Wax Man (Demo) 04:02
5 Day One (Demo)

Tracks 1-3 originally taken from the 'HXCPWN' EP.
Tracks 4-5 originally taken from the 'Ghost In The Beat' Demo.

Profanatica - Putrescence Of... (1990)

1. Raping of Angels
2. Final Hour of Christ


Hypnos - Arcane Moon (1997)

Demo Released In 1997

1. A Dream In The Witchouse
2. Passage To Kadath
3. H.A.T. (Searching...)
4. A Lost Piece Through The Mist of Time
5. Arcane Moon


Argus (Rou) - Castelul Noptii (demo 1998)

1. Castelul nopţii 04:02
2. ÃŽntunecate vremuri, trecute... 05:26
3. VeÅŸnicul timp 07:38
4. Sfârşitul luminii 05:05
5. Misticele drumuri ale eternitaţii 06:37
6. Mitul umbrelor 04:11
7. Dîn vremuri medievale 08:29
8. Întoarcerea la castelul dîn munţi 01:37
Total playing time 43:05


Reality 23 - Cease To Exist

Compilation album consisting of EPs and singles which were previously released by wAnchor Records in 2010.

1 01Trigger 01:57
2 02Gain 05:14
3 03TheInsider 04:24
4 04GKSL 03:39
5 05Null 05:05
6 06TearItDown 03:22
7 07FritterAFragment 03:42
8 08Adios 05:50
9 09PassiveTripPart1 03:02
10 10PassiveTripPart2 01:36
11 11Adios2010Mix 06:33
12 12GainRemix 03:32
13 13PassiveTripRemix 03:08
14 14AdiosSingleMix 05:55
15 15PassiveTripEPMix 05:25
16 16HiddenTrack


Azazel - Crucify The Jesus Christ Again (1993)

1. Intro: Hell Gates Are Opening
2. In Nomine Dei Nostri Satanas
3. Lord of Demons
4. Azazel
5. Invocation of the Four Gates
6. Ancient Ones Rules Us All Again
7. Sacrifice Virgins to Satan (bonus track)


Tharaphita(Est) - Kui Varjud Põlevad (demo 1997)

1. Allpool lund ja jääd 06:24
2. Merekurat 06:25
3. Tagasi pimedasse metsa 06:26
4. Demons' Night 03:19
Total playing time 22:34


Apolokia (Ita) - Frozen Evocation (1995)

1. Intro (Overture to immortality)
2. A Norse Evil Shadow
3. The Beauty Inside Pagan Forest
4. Pentagram Frozen Dimension
5. Jesus Killing War


Dunkel Nacht - Of Devil and Evil (2000) Demo

1. The Man of Agony
2. Afterdeath
3. Khazad-Dûm
4. Of Devil and Evil


In 1927, Louisiana's Seven Doors Hotel is the scene of a vicious murder as a lynch mob crucifies and pours quicklime upon an artist named Schweick, whom they believe to be a warlock. The artist's murder opens one of the seven doors of death, which exist throughout the world and allow the dead to cross into the world of the living. Several decades later, a young woman from New York inherits the hotel and plans to re-open it for business. But her renovation work activates the hell-portal, and soon she and a local doctor find themselves having to deal with living dead, a ghost of a blind girl who seeks to get them to leave the house, a mystic tome called the Book of Eibon that supposedly contains the answers to the nightmare at hand, face-eating tarantulas, a young girl whose murdered parents become zombies and is herself possessed by undead spirits — and Schweick, who has returned as a malevolent, indestructible corpse, apparently in control of the supernatural forces.
All hope is lost by the end, as the hero and heroine find themselves transported impossibly from a hospital stairway back to the hotel's basement. They enter a wasteland that Schweick was seen painting at the beginning of the film. After wandering around amidst fog and lifeless mummified bodies, the two go blind and fade into oblivion.


Kakistocracy - An Apology 7"


Robocop OST

In a dystopian future, the city of Detroit, Michigan is on the verge of collapse due to financial ruin and unchecked crime. The mega-corporation Omni Consumer Products enters into a contract with the city to run the police force while the company makes plans to destroy "Old Detroit" to replace it with the utopia of "Delta City". Recognizing that human law enforcers are insufficient to stop the crime spree, OCP runs several programs to find robotic replacements.
One program, the ED-209 enforcement droid, headed by senior president Dick Jones (Ronny Cox), malfunctions and kills an executive during its demonstration. As a result, the OCP Chairman (Dan O'Herlihy) opts to go with a cyborg program helmed by junior executive Bob Morton (Miguel Ferrer), named "RoboCop". Jones is furious at Morton for going over his head.
The RoboCop program requires a recently-deceased "candidate" for conversion; to obtain one, OCP reorganizes the police force to the crime-ridden Metro West precinct expecting an officer will die in duty and become a candidate. One such officer is veteran Alexander James Murphy (Peter Weller), who is partnered with Anne Lewis (Nancy Allen). On their first patrol, they chase down a team of criminals led by crime boss Clarence Boddicker (Kurtwood Smith) to an abandoned steel mill. Murphy and Lewis separate. Lewis is later rendered unconscious by one of the gang, while the rest of Boddicker's men corner Murphy and sadistically mutilate him with shotguns before Boddicker executes him with a pistol shot to the head. Lewis, disarmed and unable to help, witnesses the murder in horror. Murphy is pronounced dead at the hospital, but OCP takes his body and uses it to create the first RoboCop.
RoboCop is guided by three prime directives written into his programming: serve the public trust, protect the innocent and uphold the law. This is followed by a classified fourth directive that he is unaware of. He is able to single-handedly deal with much of the violent crime in the city, causing the rest of the police force to become worried they may be replaced. Unknown by his human monitors, RoboCop still retains memories of his life as Murphy, including brief glimpses of his wife and son, and the action of spinning his gun before holstering it, a trick Murphy had done for his son. Lewis recognizes these elements from Murphy's mannerisms, and tries to learn more from RoboCop, but he remains silent on the issues. Because of Robocop's success, Morton is promoted to become one of OCP's Vice Presidents.
Morton's success and arrogance leads Jones to have Boddicker, secretly in his employ, kill the young executive. An armed gas station holdup by one of Boddicker's men allows RoboCop to track down Boddicker to a cocaine bunker. RoboCop bursts into the facility and a shootout between him and the bandits ensues. Boddicker reveals his alliance with Dick Jones. RoboCop then apprehends Boddicker. RoboCop visits Jones at his offices at OCP, showing him Boddicker's statement and preparing to arrest Jones.
The previously unknown and secret fourth directive, preventing RoboCop from arresting any senior executive of OCP, activates, incapacitating RoboCop. Jones boasts to RoboCop about the Fourth Directive, which Jones added to RoboCop's program. Jones also boasts about his role in Morton's murder, and then sends an ED-209 against RoboCop. RoboCop, handicapped by the directive, engages the machine. The ED-209 proves incapable of descending a stairway, enabling RoboCop to escape. When RoboCop enters the parking complex of the building, a police SWAT team is waiting for him with orders to destroy him. The hail of bullets severely damages RoboCop's armor, but he is saved by Lewis, his former partner.
Lewis tends to RoboCop's injuries at the same steel mill where Murphy was killed, and discovers that there is still some of Murphy's old self present despite the cyborg augmentation. Meanwhile, the police launch their long-threatened strike, sending the city into chaos. Jones arranges for Boddicker and his men to be released from prison and funds them with new cars and assault cannons capable of puncturing RoboCop's heavy armor. Boddicker's team converges on the steel mill using a tracking device provided by Jones. RoboCop and Lewis defend themselves and kill the entire gang. RoboCop finds Lewis severely wounded but alive.
RoboCop returns to OCP headquarters alone and uses one of the assault cannons to destroy the ED-209 guarding the building. Arriving in the middle of an executive board meeting with the president, Jones, and other executives, RoboCop plays back Jones's confession to Morton's murder and explains his inability to arrest OCP employees. Jones quickly grabs a gun, takes the president hostage and begins making demands. The president, after being enlightened about the Fourth Directive by RoboCop, fires Jones from OCP, allowing RoboCop to act against Jones. After thanking the president, RoboCop promptly shoots Jones, who then crashes through the window and falls to his death. As the board room recovers from the crisis, the president commends RoboCop for his skill and asks for his name, to which he replies, "Murphy".


Zyzzybalubah-Fangdango (The Halloween EP)

This is 30-minutes of all-original all-instrumental halloween music by music & sound artist Zyzzybalubah. If you are a fan of Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells or of melodic ambient music with an original sound and full production, check this out now!

I was sick and tired of the only holiday music being remakes of classic holiday songs or just more compilations of the same material. So I redefined holiday music and created my own halloween inspired instrumental montage.

It consists of 19 peices of creative outside-of-the-box halloween music, all fused together into one symphony of horrifying harmony. This album is great for playing outside on Halloween and for getting into the Halloween spirit in October. BEWARE! There are no "Happy Halloween" songs here, you'll love it all year round!

Zyzzybalubah is the one-man-band musical creation of Nick Gathany.

This recording, and all artwork contained with it, is copyright 2004 Nick Gathany/Rand Omland Rec. and is not available for commercial reproduction. However, you can purchase the latest incarnation of the Fangdango Halloween album from Zyzzybalubah himself @ www.zyzzymusic.com!
[00:00] Horns From Hell
[01:04] Mystery Town
[04:01] Midnight Chainsaws
[04:42] Chasm Concierto
[06:41] Carnivorous Cavern
[07:15] Banshee Basement
[08:39] The Summoning
[09:30] Ancient Attic
[10:18] Captain Styx 'n' Stones
[12:06] Lament Of The Liche
[14:02] Dead Batteries
[14:33] The Harpie's Harp
[15:21] Ghostly Gathering
[17:54] Den Of The Damned
[19:58] Chorus Of Misery
[20:55] The Ugly Express
[22:53] The Fangdango
[25:14] More From Hell
[26:17] The Grand Finale


Red Factory - L'Emprise Contre Atack

Red Factory - L'Emprise Contre Atack [MCM.09]

01.SecondFace - Away and Alone / http://koppnetlabel.blogspot.com/

02.Monohm - Collapsing / http://www.monohm.com

03.koalips - White Dwarf / http://subwise.net/

04.Fabio Scalabroni - Dreams that leave me tired / http://load-and-clear-netlabel.blogspot.com/

05.Trebla - Instant society / http://www.trebla.cc

06.Sina. - What If The World / http://koppnetlabel.blogspot.com/

07.Sina. - Reasons to leave / http://trescatorce.0fees.net/

08.Ryan Gregory Tallman - Eulogy / http://www.archive.org/details/isor030MeatPilesAndTheBirdsOfAppetite

09.AAM! - Botzwana / http://koppnetlabel.blogspot.com/

10.BPRF_2 / http://load-and-clear-netlabel.blogspot.com/

11.Nanohex - Hollow Voice / http://soundcloud.com/pk-records/sets/pk01

12.Nanohex - Metastatic / http://soundcloud.com/pk-records/sets/pk01

13.Lag - Supernova / http://soundcloud.com/pk-records/sets/pk01

14.DEDALE(S) - New Room of Chaos Converted / http://koppnetlabel.blogspot.com/

15.Bpolar - Vertigo Turtle / http://koppnetlabel.blogspot.com/

16.Mentalny Kolaps - Dreams Of The Abyss / http://koppnetlabel.blogspot.com/

17.Mentalny Kolaps - Under This Cold And Distant Sun / A Whisper / http://koppnetlabel.blogspot.com/

18.Merankorii - Psyche / http://koppnetlabel.blogspot.com/

19.Nosens - European Populism / http://koppnetlabel.blogspot.com/

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