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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Shlohmo - Fine, Thanks

GNOD 'Vatican' (DrumCunt remix) by DRMCNT

Apparent Symmetry - Mourn

With Mourn, his first official release, Zach AKA Apparent Symmentry blends dreamy soundscapes with sensitive and smooth, sometimes crunchy beats. Influenced by the great minds of Access To Arasaka and Subheim, he conveys a unique atmosphere, dark and beautiful at the same time, but without being just another copycat.

He's just another example in electronic music today, that has a human feel to it. With tracks like Skybending, Taken Back and Sunset, you just can sit back, enjoy the sound and escape into another world!
Apart from that, this release has much more to offer, discovering the weird and scary soundscapes in Apart From This Life or listening to the pounding and straight forward track, 30mg.

Ggle Highs - Gy Fr by Ggle Highs

LPF12 - The White Room EP

After his well received debut album on Abstrakt Reflections, LPF12 returns with "The White Room" and this is not the expected LPF12 sound. Expect the unexpected, experience the sound and entrancing atmospheres, the complexity and the unknown - The White Room. You've ever been into? Featuring remixes of the AR family (Apparent Symmetry, miktek and c0ma) + a manipulation by german artist amictric.


Friday, September 16, 2011

Satan Starship - The Nightmare (in my brain)

Recording Notes:
Original source material taken from live performance at Adam01's space party on 11/04/2006.Tracks performed by Mach FoX and Jobot.
Instruments used were Korg Poly61 & Novation K-station synths, Oberheim DX drum machine, vocoder and sampler.
Additional sampling, edits, mixing and manipulation were done at the FoX Den.
Tracks sampled from live set for this special release include- "Sprocket ze Duetsch", "My brain goes boom", "Initiation sequence" and "Identify".